Weight Loss


Peak Medical Clinic's weight loss program focuses on optimal blood sugar (glucose regulation) and insulin (fat storage hormone) control and will help you shed belly fat quickly, safely and effectively. You will receive one-on-one care and consulting about your specific weight loss needs.​

Specialized Plans:

• Diet plans - we currently offer four individualized diet plans to choose from:

 The Ketogenic Diet, The Body Analysis Diet, The HCG Diet  and The Slim Diet 

We Also offer:

• Fitness and exercise plans with body composition testing 

• Lifestyle modifications/ changes tips and guides

• Bio-Identical hormone intervention for optimal weight loss 

Individualized Supplements:

• Medication when necessary to aid in weight loss 

• Supplements for cravings and appetite suppression available​

• Individualized supplement consultation  

• Help to identify the right supplements to use for perfect balance

• Eliminate over-use of supplements

• Avoid using supplements at the wrong time interfering with the absorption and appropriate delivery

• Direction of supplements for specific health concerns and protection.

Weight Loss Programs

Peak Medical's weight loss specialists will help you through the entire process and will likely make changes in your individualized plan with food, supplements and medications to help you achieve optimal results. When your goal weight has been met, we will work with you to ensure you are prepared to take control and preserve your hard work by helping you understand your body’s caloric and nutritional needs.


Insurance can be billed for services if seeing a medical provider for the visits. This is a service we provide as part of the medical visit; when you are seeing Peak Medical Practitioners that are treating you for health problems stemming from your weight gain. 

Initial Consult Includes:

  • Complete Medical Examination
  • Complete Body Composition Analysis
  • Needs/Risk Assessment and Medical Clearance
  • Comprehensive Consultation, including a detailed review of the benefits and the risks of the program.
  • Nutrition and Exercise Counseling
  • First B-12/ B-6 Injection or Liposlim shot
  • Supplements for appetite, cravings and energy
  • Prescription medication for weight loss, if appropriate*
  • Blood work for all hormones and thyroid and body metabolism will be ordered to help tailor the program to achieve optimal results.  

Follow-Up Weight Management Visits (Monthly) Will Include:

  • Weight and Measurements including body mass index – body composition analysis and body measurements
  • Personalized fitness plans for cardio and body firming exercises
  • Blood pressure check
  • Review of diet log/exercise journal of previous month to help to continuously ensure success with the program
  • Optional B-6/ B-12 injections
  • Dietary Supplements for cravings, appetite, energy, and mood.

Supplements for Weight Loss:

  • Diucaps Skinny: Helps to reduce cravings for starch/flour and sugar when taken twice daily. Increases norepinephrine in the brain to reduce cravings and improves mood.
  • Super Energy: Increases energy naturally without over stimulation. Excellent for correcting fatigue eating; most people eat more when they are tired.  Reduces appetite and supports adrenal (stress gland functioning).
  • LipoSlim: Capsules taken twice daily to support liver function of fat metabolism and overall fat loss – very effective at improving the body’s ability to lose body fat. 
  • Weight Loss Daily Packets: A combination of supplements taken throughout the day for appetite, cravings, mood and sleep to prepare and assist the body in weight/fat loss. In convenient individualized weight loss packets.
  • B12 drops: Excellent sublingual preparation of B vitamins works well to maintain high levels of B vitamins for energy and focus.
  • Yeast Balance: Helps to control the yeast build up in the gut with probiotics for enhanced gut health and release of stubborn fat.
  • Liver C: Supports liver metabolism to enhance fat loss and reduce fatty liver.

    Injections for Weight Loss:
  • Kicker B12/B6 shots: Weekly or monthly to enhance energy, focus, mood, and corrects vitamin deficiencies associated with inability to lose weight. Providing energy improves weight loss success (people eat more when they are tired)
  • Liposlim Shots: Works at the liver site for accelerated fat loss and appetite suppression – shots can be given once or twice weekly. Or initially followed by use of liposlim capsules twice daily.

*Prescription medications are considered on a case by case basis

Is medical weight loss right for you?

Medical weight loss and nutrition consulting is available at multiple Peak Medical Clinic locations. Click here to request an appointment: