"I love Kim Epps and the entire crew at Peak. They are always so nice, professional and caring. I never have to wait much to be seen and Kim is a genuine, caring professional who truly listens to me when I'm discussing issues."

Dawn C., Jun 4, 2018 (Roseburg patient since 2016)

Providers - Roseburg

Kim Epps, MSN, FNP-BC

Kim Epps has enjoyed a long 23-year career as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in the primary and gynecologic care of women and men across the lifespan.  She has had experience in every area of women’s health, and is well known in the Douglas County as a seasoned and companionate Nurse Practitioner.  She practices with a team approach and truly enjoys educating her patients on the best lifestyle and medical care for their personal needs. Kim has a Masters degree and Family Practice Nurse Practitioner degree from Oregon Health Sciences University and has had extensive training in care of women and hormonal imbalances. 

Kim Epps is concerned about your health and is passionate about women and their longevity. She seeks to find underlying issues that keep women from feeling their optimal self.

Kim loves to work with both men and women to help find the underlying issues leading to longstanding problems like fatigue, depression, mental fog, weight gain, loss of vitality, insomnia, hot flashes, loss of libido, and hormone decline with age. Kim utilizes specialized hormone-blood testing for the thyroid, adrenal glands, (stress glands) and ovarian/testicular hormones, in addition to looking at the brain chemistry, diet, and lifestyle habits to help compile a complete picture of each person’s health needs.  All of these components are compiled together to create a program that Kim feels will re-center the health, balance the hormones, and help resolve the many symptoms that men and women suffer with, that keep them from living the life they want and deserve.

Additionally, Kim is knowledgeable in the areas of gynecology hormone testing for men and women, women’s full spectrum health care and lifestyle management. She has been extensively trained in hormone balancing with the testing of hormones for men and women, and the use of natural bioidentical hormones that are individually dosed to meet the patients exact needs. 

Kim works with a team of individuals that are all trained to help consult, evaluate, test, and treat hormone imbalances that lead to myriad of health conditions that can often be resolved when the imbalance is treated.  

Andrea Witham MSN, FNP-BC

Andrea is a Family Nurse Practitioner with an emphasis in Functional Medicine and Primary Care.   She has an extensive background in emergency medicine, and urgent care, which makes her well equipped to manage her patient’s primary care and urgent care needs.   Having spent years working in acute care and seeing the effects of chronic disease, Andrea is passionate about working with her patients  to get to the root cause of patients health issues with a desire to help each patient achieve an optimal quality of life.  

Andrea completed her studies at the University of Phoenix making her well rounded in all aspects of medicine.  She has also completed studies in functional medicine, allowing her to provide her patients with options for chronic health problems, and additionally help patients understand how to improve aging and reverse age related illnesses. 

Andrea moved to Roseburg Oregon from Phoenix, AZ, with her husband, and two children, with the desire to raise her family in a smaller community.   Her husband is a flight instructor and an ARMY veteran and currently serves in the ARMY reserves.  

Andrea additionally has training in Pilates and enjoys hiking, and yoga.  Andrea Witham FNP is accepting new patients for primary care, hormonal balance for men and women, immune dysfunction, functional medicine, as well as anti-aging and medicines and procedures.

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer has a life long passion for health and fitness which makes her the perfect coach for our weight loss patients at Peak Medical Clinic of Roseburg.  Jennifer has had years of experience in the health and fitness training and helps our patients by: 

Evaluating dietary needs

Providing nutritional/weight loss counseling and advice

Creating a clinical nutrition and/or weight loss treatment plan 

Educating the public on nutrition issues

Researching the effects of nutrition on health and fitness

Consulting with our team of health care practitioners on nutritional management for a client