"This is the best clinic I have been to in a long time. I have been telling everyone I know. Love that they listen to my needs and give me the best care."

Christina L., Jun 15, 2018 (Klamath Falls patient since 2018)

Providers- Klamath Falls

Emily Goemaat, MS, FNP-BC

Emily Goemaat is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Peak Medical Clinic of Klamath Falls, Oregon - with certifications in functional medicine and hormone testing and balancing. She has a long love for natural medicine and hormone balance for men and women and is a certified hormone balancing expert, originally trained with nationally recognized hormone expert Dr. Neil Rouzier, World Link Medical. She had a deep background in primary care for men and women and understands both traditional and alternative medicine approaches, which makes her equipped to manage and assess medical problems as people age and how to help prevent them with lifestyle changes,appropriate supplementation, and optimal hormone balance.

Emily carefully balances the adrenal (stress system), thyroid and male and female hormones to provide the most optimal balance possible in her patients, which ultimately helps each patient alleviate common problems like, insomnia, weight gain, depression, body pain, and provides with blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes sleep, weight, mood and disease protection. 

Emily Goemaat FNP is passionate about helping her patients get to the underlying root cause in order to help eliminate nagging symptoms and ongoing dependence on medications. Emily completed her studies at University of Southern Indiana and Indiana State University, and has completed her studies in functional medicine, allowing her to provide patients options for chronic health problems, and additionally help patients understand how to improve aging and reverse age related illnesses.